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Top 10 Video Games Today

New Games Everyday

Video games have become an important part of life for many and different types of video games keep appearing on daily basis. Demon’s Souls from Playstation 3 is a video game worth checking.  A very well designed game it becomes an addiction very fast. The whole video game industry was shocked to see the game when it hit the market. It is definitely a top 10 video games today.


The 7th Guest is an experience. This is a top 10 video games today because it is a haunting, cheesy and sometimes creepy game. Even though the game came out many years back it is still popular with the gamers all over the world. It is considered to be the pioneer in video games. There are many fun experiences too in the game and it has a story to the game.


Get Your Partner


Battletoads (NES) is another top 10 video games today which is making news in the gaming world. The game is not for playing alone, so better make sure that your friend is ready to play with you as an enemy.  It is one-hit kill game with limited fighting spots. It is quite a tough game but the challenge lies there.


Ninja Gaiden Black from Play Station 2 is another game where you have to fight like a soldier. She is going to hit you hard and it is not for the sensitive ones. Be prepared for the difficulty mode called Ninja Dog and the cat women is going to hit you straight. Another tough one from the Play Station even the seasoned gamers will find the going tough.





Another game filled with adventure and action is Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts from Super NES. Be prepared to jump to your heart’s content while playing this game. Quite a tough game and getting past each level is going to be tough. You may find yourself in the start point every now and then. Take the challenge in these top 10 video games today.


Another tough game to crack is Mega Man 9. The gamer will find the going quite tough from the initial rounds itself.  Very well designed and programmed this game is a challenge for gamers of all age groups. This is one of the top 10 video games today which you should try to improve your reflexes and to better your hand eye coordination.


Tough Game


How can one forget the Super Mario series? Super Mario Bros, The Lost Levels (Super NES) is a tough game for gamers. There are lots of flying elements which is the gamers’ enemy and of course you have power ups for your help. Lots of poisonous mushroom keep appearing to make the going tough. The similarity of the deadly fungi with the good ones which helps you is too close.

Contra (NES), F-Zero GX (Game Cube) and Alien vs Predator (Jaguar) are the other three video games worth trying. Contra has action packed 8 levels which is quite tough to get through. Try it!  F-Zero GX is the ideal racing game worth trying, but reminding you that is not easy to complete it. Alien vs Predator is a nail biting game and you have to keep your concentration in top gear to avoid attacks from various sides.  Have fun!